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Public Housing
What is Public Housing?

Public Housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low- income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public housing comes in all sizes and types, scattered from single family houses to high rise apartments for the elderly. There are approximately 1.3 million households living in public housing units, managed by 3,300 Housing Authorities. For more information on public housing please visit HUD’s website at www.HUD.gov

Apartment Information

The Tuscaloosa Housing Authority manages 1,237 public housing apartments at seven different locations. Our apartments range in size from efficiency units to 5 bedroom apartments and are designed to meet the needs of single individuals and families.

In addition, housing for senior citizens and people with disabilities is available at Robertson Towers, located close to downtown off University Blvd., as well as Rosedale Annex and McKenzie Annex.

Our goal is to provide drug- free, safe and clean housing alternatives for low to moderate- income families, senior citizens and people with disabilities who qualify based on their current income.

How to Qualify?

You must meet certain income limits to qualify for Authority housing. All federal rules and regulations must be met to become eligible.

The application form has a complete listing of the information you will need to bring back to the Authority. Housing is awarded through a waiting list process of eligible individuals and families.

Section 8 Housing is a federally funded rental program that works much like Public Housing except that a house or apartment is rented by a private landlord other than the Authority.

Public Housing Staff

Director of Housing: Donna Christian 758-6619 Ext. 103

Senior Housing Manager: Annie Braggs

Leasing Coordinator: Tyra Brown 758-6619 Ext. 102

Administrative Assistant: Wendy Hall 758-6619 Ext. 111

McKenzie Court Site Manager: Bessie Ervin 758-0479

Rosedale Court Site Manager: Anna McMullen 758-6619 Ext. 113

Branscomb Site Manager: Niki Fornis 758-1829

Delaware Jackson Site Manager: Margie Dykes 758-3321

Crescent East Site Manager: Deon Minor 556-1074

Hay Court Site Manager: Rita Harris 758-7514

Robertson Tower Site Manager: Barbara Hardy 758-0817

Receptionist: April Mills 758-6619 Ext. 100

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