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Apply for Housing

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Tuscaloosa Housing Authority
2117 Jack Warner Parkway Ste 2
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401


Misrepresentation is a serious violation that may result in denial of housing assistance. If it is found that an applicant has misrepresented the facts upon which their rent is based so that they are paying less than they should be paying, the housing assistance will be terminated. in addition, the applicant may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Applicants are advised that any person that is housed by means of a false statement, failure to disclose information, impersonations or other fraudulent scheme or device, obtains or attempts to obtain, establishes or attempts to establish eligibility, by knowingly or intentionally aids or helps such a person would not otherwise be entitled, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Upon conviction, the person shall be punished according to the law or both fined and imprisoned, at the discretion of the court. (24-1-10, Code of Alabama. 1975)

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