Online Employment Resources

Online Employment Resources

Welcome to Tuscaloosahousing.org’s Online Employment Resources page. The internet is an endless web of resources and information. It gives us the ability to find employment opportunities anywhere in the world and the flexibility to find a job that caters to our own unique employment experiences and educational backgrounds. Below we have prepared a list of the most popular, hopefully easy to use, job search sites on the internet. Remember you can search for a job anywhere, including locally, and you can search for specific jobs that are available in that particular area. For example, you can search for all of the ”nursing” jobs in “Tuscaloosa” or all of the “office assistant” jobs in Birmingham etc. Although these internet sites are helpful, be sure to check with Tuscaloosa’s Unemployment Office, The Tuscaloosa News’ classified ads, and other local resources to ensure your search is successful. Good Luck!

  1. www.monster.com – This is probably the most popular job search site on the internet today. Simply click on “search jobs” and if you haven’t already registered with monster.com you will be prompted to do so.
  2. www.ajb.org – This is America’s Job Bank, a government sponsored employment site. The job search engine is on the left of the page and searches for jobs based on your local zip code.
  3. www.careerbuilder.com – This is also a great site for a quick job search for a particular job in a particular area.
  4. www.jobs.net – Easy to use and you can do a quick job search without registering.
  5. www.computerjobs.com – Be sure to check out this site if you are interested in working in the technical field. Some of these jobs require little or no experience and offer training.
  6. http://www.ziprecruiter.com – Free job search resource, just click on the “For Job Seekers” tab or create a free account to start your job search.

These web sites are excellent resources for searching the job market. Some of them even offer résumé builders and free insight into what prospective employers might be looking for. Although they are helpful, it is still a good idea to use the local resources available to you.


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